Canadian Council of Ministers
of the Environment

Le Conseil canadien des ministres
de l'environnement

Current Priorities

Stakeholder Engagement

One of the key elements of the Air Quality Management System (AQMS) is the involvement of stakeholders in both the development of the system, and review of its implementation.  AQMS is built on a foundation of collaboration, accountability and transparency, and broad stakeholder involvement continues to be a cornerstone of the System. Stakeholders are currently engaged at the System level through a Stakeholder Advisory Group which engages in dialogue with and provides advice to governments on the ongoing implementation, improvement, and operation of AQMS. Stakeholders will also be engaged in the development of various elements of the System, including future Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards (CAAQS), Base-level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs) and mobile sources actions. Provinces and territories will consult with their publics as they deem appropriate in delineating and managing their air zones.

CCME's Air Management Committee also hosts periodic webinars to provide information on AQMS.