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Packaging refers to all materials, fabricated containers and other components used in the containment, protection, movement and display of a product or commodity. The environmental effects of packaging extend beyond disposal - resources and energy are consumed and pollutants are released during production and transportation of packaging.

In 2012 CCME completed work with major retailers, the restaurant and food sector, brand owners and the packaging industry which led to an industry-driven approach to reduce packaging in Canada. Industry partners committed to undertake initiatives that will reduce the amount of packaging destined for landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase recycled content in packaging.

On October 29, 2009 the Council of Ministers approved a Canada-wide Strategy for Sustainable Packaging which built on the larger Canada-wide Action Plan for Extended Producer Responsibility to make producers responsible for end-of-life management of products and packaging.

Past CCME efforts on packaging include development and endorsement of the National Packaging Protocol (NaPP) in 1990, a voluntary agreement with industry to reduce packaging waste by 50% by 2000. This target was achieved in 1996.