Canadian Council of Ministers
of the Environment

Le Conseil canadien des ministres
de l'environnement


Waste Management

In September 2014 environment ministers adopted a vision for waste: Canada is a world leader in waste management.


  • Canada’s record on reducing and recycling waste is improved
  • Consumer, municipal and industry awareness of and support for waste reduction and recycling is increased
  • Costs are shifted from taxpayers to producers
  • Waste is seen as valuable resource: the economic benefit from recycling is optimized and the economic burden of waste to landfill is minimized.

Guiding Principles 

  • CCME will focus on issues that are Canada-wide in scope and that require collective attention by governments
  • CCME recognizes that all Canadians and sectors contribute to environmental stewardship
  • CCME considers economic, social and environmental benefits
  • CCME will collaborate with business, government, municipal and community partners
  • CCME will work to continuously improve programs, policies and strategies.